CIYOTA Chapters
CIYOTA's approach to strengthening community engagement goes beyond local communities. We have friends around the world, who care and love our work to transform communities in Africa. We welcome these people and extend the opportunity to build the community.


Anja Schäper

President of CIYOTA Chapter in Germany. Anja was born in 1974 in Germany and studied education to become a secondary school teacher. In 2009 she read an article about Munyambanza, co-founder and CIYOTA in a

Christoph Schäper

He was born in 1974 in Germany and also studied education. He works as a secondary school teacher and is Anja's husband. Right from the beginning Christoph joined Anja in supporting CIYOTA and is an equal part in creating

Brigitte Reinhold

I was born in 1969 in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2000 I am a teacher at the Goethe-School in Koblenz. At CIYOTA, I became aware of my colleague Anja and her husband, Christoph Schäper, whose commitment I had admired

Kristina Jehle

My name is Kristina Jehle, I was born in 1987 and work as a teacher in Koblenz / Germany. At CIYOTA I became aware of Anja, who has been supporting the organization for several years. I support CIYOTA because the organization

Songul Walz

I was born and raised in Izmir/Turkey in 1983. There I also studied philosophy. I came to Germany in 2008, learned German and started working as a Turkish teacher in 2010. I am the colleague of Anja Schäper, who