CIYOTA in Numbers


Uganda hosts the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world, with over 1.2 million people fleeing ongoing conflicts in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi (OPM, 2018).

Our goal is to provide quality education to 4,250 conflict affected children in the next 5 years at Primary, Secondary and University levels. To achieve this, we are focusing on:

2,000 conflict-affected children

have been educated through our primary school education program

1,000 secondary students

Have accessed quality secondary education on our scholarship scheme.

62 university students

In Uganda and DRC have been matched to university scholarship programs to pursue university education.


Have been trained at the vocational institute in the Eastern DRC.

Community Building

Kyangwali refugee settlement hosts about 118, 000 refugees with the majority from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There is no more land for farming because of the most recent influx of refugees, forcing them to entirely depend on food aid from UNHCR.

Our livelihood programs generally seeks to increase the capacity for refugees through seed funding and skills development in livestock, agriculture and business management. Through this, our refugee communities can achieve food security and earn supplementary income to support their children in schools.

48, 372 community members

benefited from CIYOTA’s voluntary and community service programs.

197 women

have accessed micro loans; 1233 families have easy access to the grinding services providing meals for their households.

60 young entrepreneurs

won seed funding through the Entrepreneurship challenge to initiate businesses, train and employ 3184 community members.

15 widows & single mothers

trained in tailoring and garment cutting, rendered services but also trained 800 community members.

Peace building

Restoring peace and prosperity in the Congo entirely depends on uniting the vast tribes of people in the Congo by empowering and transforming entrepreneurial, socially responsible and non-violent leaders in Congo.

Our Pamoja Kwa Maendeleo course is aimed at training 1 million youths from diverse communities to bridge the gaps between multiple tribe divides for a patriotic and prosperous DRC and Africa as a continent.


community people

attended the Pamoja kwa Maendeleo ya Congo classes-a program that reprograms the minds of the citizens of the Congo to spread and love their country revitalizing the war-afflicted communities

318 young people

took up influential leadership positions to solve root causes of problems in the community


enterprises & businesses

which potentially created 120 jobs for the benefit of over 89,754 people.