WHO We are

COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa (CIYOTA) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization established by refugee youth in December 2005 in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Uganda.

The Organization remains committed to its mission to empower young people living in Uganda, and across Africa to be socially responsible entrepreneurial leaders to solve the root causes of their community problems.

CIYOTA is committed to paying particular attention to children and youth within their programs who have suffered from violence and trauma, and aspires to sustain support for young people who have suffered trauma. CIYOTA also recognizes the power of functional education as a critical part of healing conflict and creating social cohesion in communities.

Our Mission

We seek to transform Africa by providing access to quality education for conflict-affected children, empowering socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs to unite communities and create sustainable peace, love and prosperity.

Our Vision

United, developed and peaceful communities in Africa.

Our core values

Integrity: We commit to honesty, transparency, reliability and building trust.

Compassion: We are deeply aware of the suffering of others, and have a strong desire to alleviate it.

Diversity: We understand and appreciate that every person is unique; recognizing the strength that emanates from our collective differences such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religious beliefs, and socio-economic status.

Community Responsibility: We commit to fulfilling promises made to each other.

Excellence: We constantly strive for success and being the best in all that we do

Boldness: We commit to remain courageous in the fight against illiteracy, poverty and tribalism in our communities.