CIYOTA DRC aims at providing practical education, bridging gaps between formal and informal systems. To us we call it education if it can respond to specific community problems. Therefore Congo root causes are believed to be the poor education system that breeds the poor governance transitioning to conflicts and abject poverty.

Income generating programs

This program aims at raising funds internally to finance programs and employees. It is our focus to solve DRC problems and call for the world to support our struggle. These initiatives include the following;

PAMOJA Kwa Maendeleo ya Congo

This is a 3 fold empowerment model to build capacity, and likening the intellectual property to other organizations.

  1. Social Responsible leadership (SRL): We identify, and empower social responsible leaders, build strong character enabling them to take leadership positions leading to change in DRC.
  2. Social Responsible entrepreneurship: We build innovative enterprises to create jobs and address poverty. Entrepreneurship is an alternative to bloody ventures like tribalism, kidnapping and all forms of conflicts.
  3. non-violence: Building a 1 million peace movement bridging gaps between tribe divides leading to a sustainable peace, and development in DRC.


Where your donation goes:

  1. $ 25: Buys books for one child per year
  2. $100: pays all annual school fees
  3. $150: Pays for all medical bills per year.