Songul walz

I was born and raised in Izmir/Turkey in 1983. There I also studied philosophy. I came to Germany in 2008, learned German and started working as a Turkish teacher in 2010. I am the colleague of Anja Sch├Ąper, who told us in a conference about CIYOTA. CIYOTA directly interested me because of three different reasons: 1. My childhood went off under difficult financial conditions; 2. It was my happiness that I had great parents who realized early that my sisters and I couldn't lead an independent life without education (especially as women in Turkey). They have sacrificed themselves to send us to study at the university; 3. Education is like a light! No matter how the conditions are: if one can see which ways are open in life, these can lead one out of the darkness. Everyone has to get an opportunity to get education. And CIYOTA makes this possible!