CIYOTA Scholarships

A CIYOTA Scholarship refers to the financial or material support given to students in Primary school, Secondary school or at the University in form of Education fees, provision of scholastic material, accommodation, guidance and mentorship among others, acquired from CIYOTA or through CIYOTA partnerships to enable the students successfully realize their visions through education. Some of the students shall be given Full scholarship while others will be given Half Scholarship. Depending on the resources available and need assessment of the individual student. In CIYOTA, we have scholarships at primary school level, secondary school and university level.


  1. Pupils and students are spotted by the organization or students themselves apply requesting for a scholarship.
  2. Fill the application form and submit to the scholarship committee (which looks at the criteria below:
    • Be a high academic performing student: to obtain and maintain division one and two (D1 & D2) also D3 in special cases caused for example by sickness, and other valid reasons. For advanced level (A ‘Level) will have to obtain and maintain at least 10 points and two principle passes.
    • Be from a humble background (financially down, confirmed after critical assessment by CIYOTA scholarship committee)
    • Be from a conflict affected area. i.e: refugees, internally displaced individuals and war torn areas. And also, individuals with disabilities
    • A student committed to give back to the community after school

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