The conflicts and wars in the central and Eastern African regions have broken many families and left millions of children as orphans or with single parents and as refugees from their homes. Refugee camps are very difficult situations. Refugees frequently cannot afford or access shelter, food, medical treatment, or hope for a better tomorrow. Being a refugee is trying for orphans and vulnerable children who find themselves without a family structure to provide love and support when it is most needed. The CIYOTA provides children with education and job-training for heads of households to strengthen their family structure to provide a more nurturing family like environment.

What We Do

CIYOTA has created several chapters in communities across Uganda and the DRC where people in the community have risen up to build their own schools, develop innovative education programs, and united people of all tribes and backgrounds along the common vision of developing their communities together.  In doing so, a new generation is being raised who share the values of love, peace, and unity. 

CIYOTA is a community for the community where decisions are centralized, and made democratically. In everything CIYOTA does a sense of responsibility for community development is fostered. CIYOTA leaders strive to empower every individual teaching them problem-solving and leadership. Members at local, national and international levels share the principle of developing a united, self-sustained community. We empower our  Community by coming up with innovations. After training they are able to start their own workshops and to train other youth for them to work as a group.

Our Impact so far

Innovative education:

Inspired over 10,000 Change makers and educated over 1000 youth from different tribes in youth centers and schools we have created.

Social leadership:

Empowered 200 children in our primary school, 600 catalyst social leaders in hostels and 200 task force youth from different tribes in Eastern DRC, working with the government to unite over 1 million youth from 50 different tribes. United the most conflicting tribes like Hutus and Tutsis to work, live and share in Hostels

Non-violent change:

CIYOTA encourages non-violent social change by uniting the tribes through holistic community development programs that spur economic growth and restore dignity, such as microfinance and organizing women victim to physical and sexual violence in the DRC. United over 1000 women in Uganda and Eastern DRC impacting over 5,000 members from different tribes.

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Get Involved

Your involvement is essential to the success of our organization. No matter where you live, what your skills are, or how much time you have to give, CIYOTA will provide you with an opportunity to make a tangible difference. Read More on Getting Involved.


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