Providing access to quality education for conflict-affected children and young people.

COBURWAS provides access to quality education for conflict-affected children and young people, improving their quality of life and building hope for a better future.

Conflicts in the Central and Eastern regions of Africa have displaced millions, destroyed families and left children orphaned or with single parents. Fleeing conflict often means starting a new and very difficult life in a refugee camp, frequently unable to afford or access shelter, food, and medical treatment. For many, there is little hope for a better tomorrow. Orphans and other vulnerable children face an even more difficult life.

COBURWAS has established several branches across Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). With the support of the local communities, these branches are building schools, developing innovative education programs, and uniting people of diverse tribes and backgrounds though a common dream for peace and prosperity. COBURWAS fosters a sense of community responsibility and ownership with each of its programs, and uses education to empower young people to become socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.