Vision and Mission

CIYOTA's vision is for united, developed and peaceful communities in Africa

COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa (CIYOTA) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization established by refugee youth in December 2005 in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Uganda. The founders arrived in Kyangwali from Congo (DRC), Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan (CO-BU-RWA-S) along with thousands of refugees fleeing violence and problems resulting from conflicts in their home countries. CIYOTA recognizes the power of education as a pathway out of poverty, as well as a means to heal conflict, create social cohesion, and spur economic growth. Education for youth through methods that also build corresponding commitment and support of families and the community is therefore the focus of CIYOTA's work.


We seek to transform Africa by educating and empowering socially responsible entrepreneurial leaders to unite communities and create sustainable peace, love and prosperity.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity commitment to honesty, transparency, reliability and building trust
  2. Excellence constantly striving for success and to be the best in all that we do
  3. Compassion our deep awareness of the suffering of others, and strong desire to alleviate it
  4. Boldness to remain courageous in addressing root causes to complex challenges affecting our communities
  5. Diversity understanding and appreciating that every person is unique and use our difference as a collective strength
  6. Community Responsibility a commitment fulfilling promises made to each other, and our communities