Community Building

CIYOTA constantly looks for innovative way to empower and engage the refugee community to increase people?s capacity to generate income in resource-constrained contexts. The organization values partnership with the community to come up with projects which impact lives in many aspects. This creates a sense of community ownership for most of CIYOTA initiatives in the community. And with time, refugee community grew into a strong family with social cohesion, reduction of violence and sustainable development.? The following are projects that are mostly managed by CIYOTA graduates and the community;

  • Micro-finance: CIYOTA gives small loans to widows so that they can start a small business that in turn helps them to earn money to support their families and education for their children.
  • Students run projects:? After being trained in leadership and entrepreneurship, CIYOTA students come up with different ventures and CIYOTA provides needed support so that they continue solving specific problems they are addressing.
  • Tailoring: Anti-violence Girls project that is set to provide skills for life to about 15 young women every four months. This equips women and girls with sawing skills and once they have acquired these skills, they start small sawing businesses and earn income to support their families as stated above.
  • Farming: CIYOTA with parents, students and youths, engage in farming so that the organization is able to feed and shelter orphaned students. Farming capacities to raise food for students to eat and to generate income to sustain the projects while serving as learning opportunity for students interested in a farming career. The students will work on the farming project during their spare time.
  • Games and Sports: Through football, netball, athletics and other games, CIYOTA students are able to identify their different skills, and above all avoid idleness which leads to prostitution, drinking and stealing hence inculcating moral character in them to grow as responsible community members.
  • Theatre, music dance and drama: Through these activities CIYOTA is able to carry out sensitization in girl child education, importance of education, health, environment etc
  • Adult education: The program teaches Basic English, reading and writing to men and women.